Welcome to the Trieres Website! Home of the Greek Hydrogen Valley!


The overarching goal of this initiative is to establish a “Small Scale Hydrogen Valley” centered around the Motor Oil Refinery of Ag. Theodoroi in Corinth, Greece. This Hydrogen Valley represents a comprehensive hydrogen ecosystem, interconnecting the company’s green hydrogen production unit developed as part of the EPHYRA project with a wide range of stakeholders, including businesses, technology providers, academic and research institutions, public sector organizations, and local government bodies, all of whom can potentially become beneficiaries of this sustainable energy source.

The project presents a pivotal opportunity for the practical implementation of pilot programs involving hydrogen across various sectors such as city buses, passenger vehicles, shipping, and power generation. Moreover, it facilitates in-depth research into the utilization of hydrogen for both current and future applications. This undertaking also aims to foster collaboration and synergies with established and emerging hydrogen valleys in the European Union, including the Netherlands, Austria, Cyprus, as well as in Egypt.


For further information, see our post on the Official launch of the flagship project “Trieres” for the creation of a Small Hydrogen Valley!